• In this podcast -

    Why are people insecure?Things that anyone can do to become more confident in their lifeThree protein hacks to boost your protein intake.What is Ranveer’s team structure?How can physical activity in childhood help you in the long run?As a content creator, is it important to create different channels for different personalities?How does Ranveer deal with changes?How to sustain as a podcaster?With a low attention span of the audience, how can one keep them hooked?How can editing and content help you understand the world and psychology of human beings?

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with Ranveer Allahbadia whom we all know as BeerBiceps.

    He is a social media entrepreneur, YouTuber, motivational speaker, leadership coach, and soon-to-be author. Along with that, a podcast host who runs India's TOP Podcast - "The Ranveer Show" both in English & in Hindi.

    He is the founder of BeerBiceps Pvt Ltd, a company that creates self-improvement content in various formats.

    Ranveer co-founded Monk Entertainment. What began as a talent management company, and now it’s a branding and content marketing agency.

    In this video, Ranveer tells us why even the most confident people are insecure. He shares two factors that made him confident and advises people on how they can build their confidence too. He even tells us how he's so consistent with his content delivery.

    He also brings light to the fact that comparison has always been a problem in Indian society.

    He shares 3 quick protein hacks for the audience. He reveals the cost of building his office studio and the traits they look for when hiring someone, he also tells the audience that content creators should never be compared.

    To learn more about content creation and some simple life hacks from Beer Biceps, listen to the podcast till the end.

    We will be back with the 2nd part soon!


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  • In this podcast -

    How to beat procrastination?Why is there a lack of quality education in our country?How to learn skills that give you many opportunities in life?What are the top3 skills one should learn for the future?What was Anshuman’s learning working at Facebook?Why did Anshuman come back to India?What is Anshuman’s goal with Scaler?Anshuman's views on MetaVerse and Web 3.0What is the next billion-dollar opportunity?

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with the Co-Founder of Scaler Academy and InterviewBit, Anshuman Singh.

    Scaler Academy is an online tech-versity for the top 1% of software developers in the country. They offer an intensive six-month computer science course through live classes delivered by tech leaders and subject matter experts. The meticulously structured program enhances the skills of software professionals by offering a modern curriculum with exposure to the latest technologies. It is a product by InterviewBit.

    InterviewBit is one of the most popular interview preparation websites. Hundreds of thousands of elite software engineers around the globe have joined the platform to up-skill themselves.

    Anshuman previously worked at Facebook, where he led the team to build and scale the Messenger feature. Anshuman was also part of the four-member landing team to set up the London office of Facebook. He is a competitive programmer and a two-time ACM ICPC World Finalist.


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  • In this podcast -

    Why are some schools and colleges so high-rated?Why should one enroll in a Master’s programme?Raj’s experience with MBAWhy should a business master’s programme have tech in the curriculum?How to educate yourself about building a business?How can you make the most out of your college life?How watching a founder's podcast can help you in growing your business?3 frameworks that can help you scale your business?The biggest opportunity for the coming decade

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with the Founder of Masters’ Union, Pratham Mittal.

    Pratham attended The Doon School and completed a Bachelors in Systems Engineering and Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

    Masters' Union is a unique practitioner-led higher education institution, where courses are taught by CXOs from Morgan Stanley, Tata, StanChart, Google, Twitter, Reliance, Razorpay, etc. Their recruiters include Mckinsey, BCG, Bain, Softbank etc.

    The first batch of 16-month on-campus, Post Graduation in Technology and Business Management (PGP-TBM) programme, has received an average package of Rs 29.12 lakhs. This is a higher package than all Indian B-schools including IlMs and ISB, this year.

    He previously also cofounded Outgrow.co, an interactive content platform used by top agencies and Fortune 500 companies.


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  • Highlights from the podcast-

    How can one build their audience?How to engage your audience on your social media platforms?Understanding the concept of delayed gratificationWhat is the law of large numbers?How predictive analysis helps in digital marketing?How to come with better ideas for content?How ads can help build organic reach?Is email marketing still relevant?What is LearnToday?


    00:00 - Intro

    01:48 - Engage Your Audience

    03:03 - Our Brain Wants Dopamine

    07:18 - Step After People Start Engaging

    10:50 - Engaging in a Deeper Way is Crucial

    13:50 - When To Stop Giving For Free?

    20:39 - Delayed Gratification

    29:26 - Becoming Digital Marketing Freelancer

    38:40 - Best Way to Monetize Attention

    44:58 - Is Email-list Relevant?

    46:20 - How to Get More Attention?

    49:10 - LearnToday

    53:20 - Sale in India is Push-Based

    54:56 - Outro


    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with Deepak Kanakaraju, he is right now the CEO of LearnToday.com

    Deepak is a digital marketing professional with more than 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He is an author, trainer, and consultant in the field of digital marketing. He has worked with Razorpay, Instamojo, Practo, and MoEngage to name a few.

    He is also a TEDx speaker. He runs the world’s largest Digital Marketing group on Facebook called Learn Digital Marketing. He has written a book on entrepreneurship called Edge of Sanity. His hobbies include motorcycling and playing guitar.

    In this video, he explains why people’s attention is low these days, he tells us how we can sell better by making people engage by providing brilliant, worth watching content that ages like fine wine. He gives Raj suggestions about whether to have an email list.

    Deepaks talks about his very own company LearnToday which provides India’s No1 Digital Marketing Training Program.


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  • In this podcast -

    How can one contribute to the growth of India?After finding a problem, how to decide if it’s a great startup idea or not?What is the next step one should take after deciding their startup idea?Why did Shashank leave the US and come back to India?How do you onboard your first big brand as a startup?What should a startup focus on to grow in the long run?Things that every startup founder should keep in mind once their startup is launched.How did Shashank pitch to Y-Combinator?How can networking or having a mentor help one in their startup journey?What is the next billion-dollar opportunity for next-gen entrepreneurs?

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with the Co-Founder of Razorpay, Shashank Kumar.

    In 2013, India did not have a homegrown payments solution for small businesses while US-based PayPal was struggling with regulations. With a vision to simplify online payments in India, Shashank co-founded Razorpay in 2013 after working with Microsoft US as a software developer.

    Razorpay is India’s first full-stack financial solutions company. They are on a mission to enhance the payment experience of over 300 million end consumers.

    Razorpay has grown from being a payment gateway provider to a solutions-driven organization boasting of an extensive products suite to accept and disburse payments as well as raise capital and park money.

    The company has powered digital payments for more than 1,000,000 small and large businesses such as Indigo, BSE, Reliance, Sony and Oyo, among others.


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  • In this Podcast -

    Breaking the myths about IITiansHow to decide your passion?How exposure changes your aspirations?Why is freedom of choice necessary to be independent?How can financial literacy be inculcated in the Indian minds from childhood?Why don't more Indians choose entrepreneurship?How innovations can happen at a faster pace?How can any individual become financially literate?How to learn new things and get expertise?How did FamPay come into existence?


    00:00 Intro
    02:02 Why They Started Building FamPay?
    06:15 How He Got into IIT?
    13:38 How They Started Building FamPay?
    17:31 How He Convinced His Parents?
    18:50 Their First App in College
    21:28 People’s Mindset with Money
    24:37 The Concept of Pocket Money
    26:04 Money vs Following Passion
    29:45 The Problem with Exposure
    37:00 Why They Started Building FamPay?
    44:04 Is Innovation Just for IITians/ Techies?
    51:26 How They Started Building FamPay?
    1:00:05 How To Learn Anything?
    1:03:10 How Did He Navigate?
    1:08:47 3 Steps to go from Idea to the Product!
    1:14:14 How He Convinced People that he can Solve this Problem?
    1:17:48 Conclusion

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with the Co-Founder of FamPay, Sambhav Jain. He began his journey during his final year at IIT Roorkee.

    During his college days, He worked to create a mobile app to reduce food wastage in canteens. The success of the product led him to realize that he could build more products. He interned with startups during his final year at college to understand how the startups operated. He worked with the product team at Hotstar and AEON Learning. It was then that he decided to build a startup. He opted out of campus placements to work toward building a startup.

    FamPay is raising a new, financially aware generation of Indians who understand the fundamentals of personal finance and are capable of making decisions in their best long-term interest.

    With FamPay and its numberless prepaid card, minors can successfully make online and offline payments without the need to set up a bank account.

    FamPay is a marketing and distribution partner of IDFC FIRST Bank Prepaid Card.


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  • In this podcast-

    Sai’s transition from engineering to business school.How did Sai find his co-founder?What is Scapic (Sai’s company)?How is Metaverse going to change our lives?In the digital world what opportunities are there for someone who is a non-tech person?From where can we learn about the metaverse?Why is a hunger to achieve essential in life?

    00:00 Intro
    01:47 Sponsored by Coinswitch
    02:10 His Journey
    16:40 How he met his Co-Founder (Ajay)
    18:32 What is Scapic?
    20:00 Raj’s first interaction with VR
    22:14 How far is Metaverse?
    24:15 How was Scapic acquired?
    31:54 Metaverse Explained
    41:30 Opportunities for Common People
    50:56 How do we learn about the Metaverse?
    56:10 Where did the name ‘Figuring Out’ come from?
    01:01:56 Outro

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with the Co-Founder of Scapic, Sai Krishna V K.

    Popularly known as an “accidental entrepreneur”, Sai Krishna VK, is a builder, tech geek and a whizz-kid who believes in the empowering nature of technology and consequently surpassed the idea of solipsism.

    He’s alumni of Stanford University Graduate School of Business and also the recipient of the National Start-up Award.

    He has spent more than 8 years in building early-stage startups and built venture-backed businesses across Ed-Tech, AI & AR/VR previously.

    His most recent venture, Scapic, a no-code platform for AR experiences was acquired by the Flipkart Group which is India's largest commerce destination.


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  • In this podcast-

    How B-School can help in the entrepreneurship journey?How to figure out what your passion is?How human insights can help you decide which business to go ahead with?How can one get out of that mentality of self-doubt so that they dream big?What is the concept of Sunk Cost?How can we build a mentality that helps us be patient in achieving success in the long run?What is the power of consistency and how it can help one in life?How can gamification help a startup to build?


    00:00 Intro
    02:02 Why you should never do BOGO
    06:58 Benefits of MBA
    15:19 What to do after B-School?
    17:36 How to start to make it big in life?
    19:47 How did they start dating?
    24:48 How to decide your business model?
    31:25 Why did their first startup fail?
    32:38 Looking at the bigger picture
    34:39 Sunk Cost Explained
    36:46 Why should you complete rather than compete?
    44:43 What was completion for them in the beginning?
    49:00 Why did they start?
    55:52 Gamification Explained
    01:02:47 Guess the Price Game

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with Co-founders of SUGAR Cosmetics, Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee.

    From starting fresh and making a huge breakthrough in the Indian cosmetic market, Vineeta and Kaushik have several lessons to share for budding entrepreneurs.

    Vineeta Singh is the Co-founder & CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics. She is a mother of two boys under 10 and an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad. She is a role model for many of her millennial customers today

    Kaushik Mukherjee is the Co-founder & COO of SUGAR Cosmetics. He is a TEDx Speaker and alumnus of BITS Pilani and IIM Ahmedabad. He is also an Ironman triathlete and marathoner.

    SUGAR Cosmetics is a cruelty-free makeup brand that is high on style and higher on performance. The brand is inspired by and targeted towards bold, independent women who refuse to be stereotyped into roles. Scaled from INR 0 to 100+ Crores in turnover within 4 years and currently available online and 1000+ retail outlets.


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  • In this podcast-

    Sathvik Vishwanath talks about how long it will take India to get comfortable with crypto?What are the traits of a speculative technology to become mainstream?Why is Web 3.0 easy to understand?What are the opportunities for people in Web 3.0?What made Sathvik Vishwanath start with a bitcoin trading platform- Unocoin?Why didn’t Unocoin didn’t advertise much?What are the criteria for choosing a cryptocurrency to trade?What are the top 3 cryptocurrencies that are less riskier than anyone else?What can a young individual do to make it big in life?


    00:00 Intro
    00:48 How Long till India gets Comfortable with Crypto?
    07:30 Traits of a Speculative Technology becoming Mainstream Technology
    15:14 ​​Sathvik Vishwanath’s Early Days
    22:14 Opportunities for Common People
    26:42 His journey & How he started building the platform in 2013?
    34:40 Why Unocoin doesn’t Advertise Aggressively?
    42:33 Top Currencies that Look Promising
    48:30 Why Didn’t He Go to IIT?
    52:40 What Does it Take for a Young Person to Make it Big in Today’s World?
    59:30 Conclusion

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with Sathvik Vishwanath, Co-Founder and CEO of Unocoin.

    Sathvik Vishwanath is a successful entrepreneur whose heart and soul is into innovative and disruptive technologies! His business journey started with VentureNext in 2008 writing customized scripts for businesses in a virtual world called SecondLife.

    In 2012, he was introduced to bitcoin which led to his next venture Unocoin.com that specialized in providing bitcoin services for the Indian market. As CEO of Unocoin, he was instrumental in leading strategic partnerships and investor relations. He also played the role of CTO architecting and leading the tech team behind Unocoin and its exchange.

    Unocoin is India’s first entrant into the bitcoin industry and operates India’s largest (in Indian customer base) BTC-INR trading platform which enables Indians to buy, sell, store, use & accept bitcoin.


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  • In this Podcast

    Why is reading books important to become rich?What should we chase, goal or process?One important lesson to follow in order to become richWhy is having long-term vision important in life?How role models influence your life?What do you need for a good life?Why is it important to be adaptable?How to be a successful content creator?How to achieve the flow state of creativity?What kind of career should you choose?


    00:00 Intro
    01:18 You Should Judge Books by their Cover
    02:55 Why Raj can’t Speak in Hindi?
    05:25 Financial Freedom
    10:18 The Rule of Odds
    11:56 Focus on the Process
    15:18 Knowing your Vision and Making Multiple Sources of Income
    22:38 Coming Out of the Box Mentality
    26:45 Never Think in Extremes
    29:14 Adaptability
    34:53 Achieving Flow State
    42:40 Rapid Fire Book Recommendations
    47:50 Outro

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with Zeeshan Shaikh, the Founder of SeeKen.

    They talked about a lot of things like why should you read books, how to become rich, passive income, creating multiple sources of income, his learnings after reading hundreds of books, how to know your vision and much more! In the end, he also shares his book recommendations for everyone.

    With the help of more than 3 million youtube subscribers, Zeeshan is on the mission to increase reading habits in people so that we as a nation improve our mentality and win in life.

    SeeKen improves the quality of our life by gaining knowledge from some of the best mentors and books and providing book summaries that can help anyone succeed in life by changing mentality, learning and improving daily.


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  • In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar, the prince of Udaipur.

    Mr. Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar of Udaipur is the youngest child of Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur and Smt Vijayraj Kumari Mewar of Udaipur. Belonging to the Royal family of Mewar, he is a direct descendant of such luminaries in Indian history such as Maharana Sanga and Maharana Pratap.

    Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar was schooled at Mayo College, Ajmer and later at the Blue Mountains Hotel Management School in Australia. Here he obtained a bachelor of commerce degree and also gained hands-on experience in the hospitality industry, serving at all levels of the business, including as a barista and a waiter. He later studied management at the Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

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    0:00 Teaser
    10:25 Video starts
    1:56 Checkout Coinswitch
    2:32 Introduction
    4:07 Do you have a pressure when you take decision because you are supposed to maintain your family's legacy
    6:42 How should we handle disagreement between family and kids?
    11:38 Is everything crafted by the family you're born in?
    14:18 Have you been ever pressured by anything?
    16:13 What is the most inspirational thing that your family did?
    19:00 How to differentiate between a friend and an enemy
    23:30 Have you ever looked at other people and felt that there was something was not in your life and you missed it
    30:13 How did you not let this entitlement get in your head?
    37:28 How do you become a better learner?
    43:30 Should you focus on improving your strengths or work on weakness

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    Raj Shamani is a business content creator, an entrepreneur, an investor, and a renowned keynote speaker. He is a businessman at heart.

    Raj helps businesses and startups become recognized brands and influential leaders through various marketing and business tactics. He is the driving force behind several top brands’ 360-degree brand-building approach.

    Besides, Raj is also an active angel investor and is particularly interested in crazy minds who are creating a sensation in the Fintech, FMCG, and passion economy space.

  • In this Podcast

    1. What is the future of content?
    2. What can people do today so that they can make their content game strong for the future?
    3. How do you stay relevant in this changing digital world?
    4. Are there any people, publications, media houses one can follow to stay relevant?
    5. How do we find the right people around us?
    6. What are the problems we are facing with Gen Z?
    7. How has the media shaped our thinking?
    8. What is the major shift in the ideology of the younger generation?
    9. How can you do extremely well in life and achieve success?

    00:00 Intro
    01:42 Future of Content
    11:26 How to be Prepared for the Future?
    16:33 How to Stay Relevant?
    21:23 How do they Keep up with the Trends?
    23:43 Role of Culture in Media and Advertising
    26:18 How to Find the Right People?
    27:56 How to Retain Gen-Z as Employees?
    35:16 Why do People Quit?
    52:12 How can People Kill It?
    58:14 The Next Billion Dollar Opportunity?
    59:23 Outro

    In this episode of Figuring Out, Raj talks with Co-Founders of Zoo Media, Suveer Bajaj and Pratik Gupta.

    Zoom Media is India’s first independent media network, with 7 agencies under its ambit, a workforce of 300 people, a 100 crore + turnover, with three offices across India and sights on global expansion.

    Young, ambitious, driven and award-winning entrepreneurs, Pratik & Suveer have been inspirational in more ways than one. The discipline with which they have been able to consolidate and grow their business is awe-inspiring.

    Pratik’s affable nature, passion for industry knowledge and restless curiosity has helped grow the network to its current strength of 250+ employees. His values of striving for excellence by leading with empathy is the ethos of the network’s culture.

    Similarly, Suveer's strength lies in the ability to dive deep, weigh variables, understand data and strategically advise clients. His insights on the evolving consumer habits, the boom of audio in India, the hidden opportunities to leverage, has aided the journey of FoxyMoron catapulting into Zoo Media and its ancillaries.


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  • 00:00 Intro
    01:58 Sponsored by Coinswitch
    02:38 The Art of Simplification
    06:50 How To Understand Things The Best Way
    10:00 How to Trust Information Online
    13:40 Why is There a Sudden Surge in Investing
    18:40 Will The Ripple Effect Continue
    24:34 What Formal Education Didn't Teach Her
    29:43 Flawed Concept of Piggy Banks
    32:26 Problem with Women Investing
    37:32 Will India ever be Financially Literate
    39:20 Why India is way behind in Financial Literacy
    42:30 Absence of Role Models
    44:48 What is Her Time Management Strategy
    49:36 The Process of Idea Generation
    52:10 The Process of Research and Shoot
    55:17 The Team
    55:55 5 Things to Consider Before Investing
    59:28 This or That
    01:00:58 Viva of Rachana Ranade
    01:04:15 Outro

    CA Rachana Phadke Ranade has the objective of building financial discipline in the masses by simplifying Stock Market Education and Financial concepts. She is the spearhead in this mission. With her 10 years of experience in teaching more than 10,000 students in person and more than 5,00,000 students online, we are driven to make a change.

    Her aim is to improve financial literacy in India and to enable people to learn about stock markets in the most simplified way.

    In this video, she shares all her experiences and perspective on less discussed topics extending from simplified teaching to personal finance to investing strategies to how to trust people.


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  • In this Podcast

    Arjun shares the motive behind starting Dr Vaidya’s How to have clarity in choosing what you want to do in your life?How can people become indispensable in this fiercely competitive environment?How to make sure you stand out when the competition in the market is high?How to build trust among your customers?How can individual brands or individuals participate in the growth story of E-commerce?Principles of building a brandAs the online space is cluttered, how do we build a product that actually solves customers’ problems?

    00:00 Intro
    01:45 MOAT and The Vaidya's story
    07:40 Arjun's Experience at Private Equity
    12:52 Trishas's Backstory and UK
    18:00 Her stint with Nykaa and Intellecap
    20:45 Why did Arjun started Doctor Vaidya?
    26:45 The Perfect Storm
    27:10 How to have clarity in Life? and Entrepreneurship
    35:20 How to become indispensable and what now?
    40:20 What sets them apart and helping founders?
    44:28 How can people differentiate themselves?
    52:25 How to build trust?
    55:03 Transparency
    57:15 What's the future?
    57:48 Key Principles of Building a Brand?
    01:05:56 Pitching New Ideas
    01:15:18 Outro

    Arjun went to Brown University for his undergrad and moved back to India in 2013 working in a private equity firm. When his grandfather died in late 2016, he left his job and began his journey of building Dr Vaidya in 2017 along with his wife, Trisha Rajani.

    Trisha did her undergrad at the University of Warwick and has worked at companies like Goldman Sachs, and Nykaa. She began working with Arjun as a COO for building Dr Vaidya.


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  • In this podcast:

    - Nikhil shares why he moved out of his house early in life. Talks about his first job and how he started his investment journey?
    - How do options vis-a-vis financial instruments work?
    - Importance of learning sales to win big in life
    - Nikhil’s journey from a job to starting his first company
    - What is better, investing or trading?
    - What are the mistakes to avoid in trading?
    - Why are people in India even after being ambitious, not financially literate?

    00:00 Intro
    01:01 Sponsorship Segment
    01:28 Talking Points
    01:53 Why did he Move Out of House
    04:18 How he Made Money in Trading
    06:00 How did he Sell Insurance
    07:58 Do we really need to be Good at Sales
    09:25 What is the Best Way to Learn Sales
    11:40 What did he do After the Call Centre Job
    16:43 Investing VS Trading
    18:35 Mistakes to Avoid in Trading
    23:48 Why aren't Most Indians Financially sound
    29:25 Which Philosophy in Life has helped him
    31:00 Why do we feel compelled to act smart
    34:47 Is Socialism a Problem?
    38:44 Are Leakages ever going to Stop?
    39:17 Rapid fire with Nikhil
    43:50 Outro

    Nikhil Kamath, 35, co-founded Zerodha, India's largest trading platform by volume, with his older brother Nithin in 2010 in the southern Indian city of Bangalore. In this video, he discusses how he moved out of his house and went from working at a Call Centre to Building up One of the Largest Businesses and became India's Youngest Billionaire!


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  • In this podcast:

    - Why emotions shouldn't come between our investment plan?
    - As an early-stage investor, how can one decide which MF to invest in?
    - Why do Indians don't invest?
    - When will the next market crash happen?
    - What are the kind of books one should read?
    - 3 major investments where people can make maximum money and lose maximum money.
    - How to sell your skills and ideas as an individual?

    00:00 How did Anant lost 6 lacs in 10 minutes

    03:00 How small cap shares work

    03:12 Story continued

    03:58 Investing vs Hoping

    04:18 How should you approach investing?

    04:32 How Raj Started in investing?

    06:08 Advice for direct stock investors

    07:02 Investing in Mutual funds

    07:50 Why should young people get into mutual funds?

    08:50 1 into 100

    10:48 Why making goals is important

    12:30 Why Indians are not investing money?

    14:36 Pain vs Gain

    16:41 Is the next market crash/correction/opportunity coming?

    16:53 The thing about opportunities

    18:00 Is the IPO bubble going to repeat what happened in 1999-2001?

    20:37 How Anant's financial journey started?

    22:06 Anant's favourite book: Rich Dad Poor Dad

    22:16 Story continued

    23:18 Anant came to Mumbai and his realisation

    25:14 When Anant went back home

    25:55 How he spent only 5lacs out of 50

    26:30 Are CA and CFA degrees necessary to start stock investing?

    27:40 Anant's thought on books

    28:43 3 books you should read

    29:03 Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch

    29:30 Raj's biggest moneymaker: SpiceJet

    30:50 Good things take time

    31:10 Raj's Case study

    32:35 Fun money and Casino

    33:13 Case study continued

    33:50 Raj's strengths

    34:34 Crypto story

    39:17 Learnings from this study

    39:40 A beautiful analogy

    40:22 Raj's dad thoughts

    41:13 3 tips where people can earn big money

    41:36 Anant's Biggest tip: Never Believe in Tips

    42:18 Bet big on India

    43:48 India's Infra budget

    44:37 Everything works in the stock market

    46:14 BCG study

    46:42 People are spending more in India

    47:45 Psychology behind buying because of the fear of missing out

    49:30 Selling through fear

    51:26 Selling through trust

    52:00 Final words

    In this episode of the Figuring out podcast, Raj talks with Anant Ladha. Anant Ladha is a CFA, CA, CFP, and a YouTube creator with over 500K subs on YouTube. In this video, Anant talks about how he started investing in the stock market, mistakes people do in the stock market, life lessons he learned by investing and books he loves to read.

    Raj shares his psychology when he started investing, what he learned from Peter Lynch's books and his experience investing in crypto and NFTs.


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  • In this podcast:

    - What does it take to become a CEO from scratch?
    - How to get the right job?
    - How to stand out in the crowd?
    - How to create an impact in the world and at the workplace?
    - How can you be mindful and advantages of it.

    00:00 Introduction
    01:40 The corporate culture
    05:30 Creating impact in the workplace
    11:00 Finding the right job
    16:35 Skills and values in a perfect candidate
    19:35 Stepping up the corporate ladder
    24:20 How can young people influence the workplace
    30:55 Building habits
    31:40 Mindfulness
    35:00 Developing focus
    40:45 How can people been disciplined?
    46:00 Rapid fire with Ashok

    Ashok Ramachandran is the CEO & President of Schindler India. He is among the youngest CEOs in the history of Schindler Worldwide & has headed several countries over the last 10 years. Ashok was awarded ET 40 under 40 in 2019 – A definitive list of India Inc’s top business leaders.

    What if I told you, you can become an exceptional speaker and own any room you enter with your confidence?

    Here is your opportunity to learn from like-minded people around you, and grow your persona.


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  • Welcome to Figuring Out, I am Raj Shamani ft. Sanjyot Keer.

    In this podcast, we have talked about,
    how to turn your passion into a career,
    How can someone make a lot of money as a content creator
    how can you convince your parents to choose an unconventional career,
    What’s the journey behind India’s biggest food content creator
    - how can someone stand out as a chef,

    Also, we took Sanjyot’s job interview, make sure you don’t miss out on that.

    I started this because since childhood we have been asked that what’s next, ‘what’s the plan, aage kya karoge? I don’t know, I am figuring out, I have big dreams but I don’t know how to achieve them, and there are a lot of people like me who want to make it big but don’t know what’s next.
    This podcast is for everyone who is figuring it out, here we get entrepreneurs, creators, artists who made it big and are still figuring out what’s next.

    How do I introduce this guest
    Should I introduce him as an entrepreneur, chef, or content creator or as the most common name in every Indian kitchen

    He started his journey as a food producer in Masterchef India. Breaking all the stereotypes about a guy working in the kitchen he started your food lab sharing his yummiest recipes. From being the only guy who opted for home science in school to becoming every home maker's go-to recipe channel, he has come a long way

    Presenting you our guest Sanjyot kheer from YFL on figuring out

  • Welcome to Figuring Out, I am Raj Shamani ft. Kunal Shah.

    In this podcast, we have talked about,
    - how to get rich,
    - build billion-dollar companies,
    - how to understand Indian consumers,
    - his thought-provoking ideas on how Indians can create wealth,
    - and why is he rewarding people to build good financial habits.

    Also, we took Kunal Shah’s job interview, make sure you don’t miss out on that.

    I started this because since childhood we have been asked that what’s next, ‘what’s the plan, aage kya karoge? I don’t know, I am figuring out, I have big dreams but I don’t know how to achieve them, and there are a lot of people like me who want to make it big but don’t know what’s next.

    This podcast is for everyone who is figuring out, here we get entrepreneurs, creators, artists who made it big and are still figuring out what’s next.

    And today’s guest is someone who is a pure hustler who has done it all from selling CDs, mehndi cones, teaching computer science to neighbourhood children, and running a cyber café to building billion-dollar startups like Freecharge and cred and has invested in more than 150 startups.

    Well, Enjoy the show and Watch it till the end, because this podcast itself has taught me more than any business class I ever attended.

  • Jitendra is a serial entrepreneur in the Indian Fintech space who has built products like Citrus(now acquired), Lazy Pay & Jupiter in the last 10 years. With having a 300+ members strong team and being backed by Sequoia Capitals, E-context Japan & Ascent Capitals, Here are the things he has spoken about in this podcast.

    How did he manage to be a serial entrepreneur?What is his take on the payment ecosystem in India?Why do Indians prefer a bank over a lending platform?Challenges he faced in the Fintech Space from being a Non-Tech Background.What are the top 3 components of a perfect Business Plan?How to look at the trends while starting up? How is Jupiter different from others?His top 3 book recommendations for early entrepreneurs.His learning curve throughout his journey.How did they get 30k+ organic users in two weeks?His take on movies, family & sectors for the future.