• On this week's podcast: A conversation with Shainy Edelman on managing a successful business while putting motherhood first.

    Shainy Edelman is the Creative Director and founder of Click Co., a CH-based marketing agency serving clients worldwide. Following her passion for helping nonprofits succeed, Shainy started her business in 2008 at a time when Chabad nonprofit marketing agencies and single women owned businesses were few and far between. As her business blossomed, so did her personal life. Shainy credits setting strong boundaries and developing sensible flexibility as the keys to achieving business success while prioritizing family.

    With a proven track record of reliability, results, and uncompromising standards, Click quickly became the marketing firm recognized by many and trusted by all. In an ever-evolving industry where creativity is constant and strategic thinking is essential, Shainy finds it easy to stay motivated. And achieving client satisfaction? That’s constant motivation, too.

    In this episode we discuss:

    Learning web design to help shluchim Having a great boss that gives you the ability to grow Transitioning from employee to business owner Dealing with imposter syndrome Going from solo to building a team Dealing with clients Listening to your clients needs Finding your work life balance Seeing the hand of Hashem in all you do
  • Episode Title: Life in the food industry.

    In this interview:

    Jumping into the business world The world of distribution Opening a bakery Journey into the restaurant world Secret to success in the food industry Jumping into catering Make a signature item to attract loyal customers Running a Pesach program To succeed pound the pavement don’t be shy
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  • Sholom Ber was the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Global Infrastructure at Bankers Trust, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs; Head of IT Risk Management at JPMorgan Chase; Head of Global Products & Services at Credit Suisse. Experienced in architecture, engineering and operations of global technology infrastructure with specialization in information security.

    In this interview:

    Growing up in Crown Heights of the 1960’s The Rebbes guidance to a non-conformist teen The role of hashgacha pratis in career pathway Amazing opportunity of a tech career The definition of a secure job To climb the ranks become the best If you go with pride they will respect you You are a representative of the Jewish People A mentch is respected in Corporate America When an opportunity presents itself step forward Tips to thrive in Corporate America
  • Chaim Hershkowitz lives in Crown Heights with his wife and children. Chaim is the CEO of Toveedo.com a video subscription website geared toward Jewish kids of all ages. He is also the producer of Mitzvah Boulevard, Bella Brocha, The Rebbe’s Niggunim and many other original titles.

    In this interview:

    Man plans and Hashem plans otherwise Seeing a need for quality kosher kids content Learning to think like a businessperson Staying on top of the trend Surviving a market transition Transitioning from a small operation The Rebbe's Brachos
  • JJ Katz as the founder of Heights Properties in 1999 has been a steady force in the local Real Estate market, specializing in home sales, multi family dwellings, development and investment properties. With eighteen years of real estate experience, JJ Katz has been servicing the home buying and investment property markets. In one of the fastest growing and tightest environments in history.

    Episode Title: The world of Real Estate.

    In this interview:

    Following the entrepreneur journey Seeing the hand of Hashem Getting into real estate brokering The power of networking The different options within real estate brokering Listing strategy Learn sefer “Chovos Halevavos” Getting into Real Estate investing Don’t get stuck in the comfort zone Find your creative niche Advice for buying a house
  • Meir Ahron Spiegel lives in Lakewood with his wife and children. He is a CPA currently working as the CFO of VIP Wireless. He believes strongly that everyone should be financially educated. The ability to manage money well by understanding concepts such as investments and compounding interests will equip people to reach financial stability.

    Episode Title: Make wise moves with your money.

    In this interview:

    Save money regularly the earlier the better The most powerful force in the universe compound interest Understanding stocks Understanding rate of return The problem with a savings account Taxes on stock trading The place of a financial advisor 401k vs Roth IRA Understanding dollar cost average Saving and the frum lifestyle The place of home ownership The place of life insurance

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  • BIO: As an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach trained by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Chanie Rubenfeld found a solution which has allowed her to help many busy (working) women (and men!) throughout the St. Louis area (as well as throughout the country) reach their personal health goals by providing them with a weekly delivery of 5 Delicious Artisan Salads straight to their home or office from Salads2YourDoor.com. After several years of growth the business has moved to a franchise model with many new locations opening across the country.

    In this episode in the second half of the interview for there is an exciting business opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur launch a exciting new business.

    Episode Title: The making of a franchise.

    In this interview:

    Follow your natural talents Starting out in our home kitchen Working as a husband and wife team How to turn a business into a franchise Making your business duplicatable Innovating in the food industry A good profit margin for a food business Creating a spinoff business “Judaism Unboxed” Seeking a potential buyer to run with

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  • Yitzy Kasowitz has been a professional LEGO designer for 7+ years. With a background in engineering with a passion for LEGO®, Hashem has granted Yitzy a job he loves with an opportunity to do shlichus in a very unique way.

    Episode Title: Turn your talent into a business.

    In this interview:

    Follow your natural talents Find a niche market Diversifying your offerings Special for the 9 days “Building the Beis Hamikdosh” Using organic marketing Using your business as a shlichus Scaling the business
  • Yoel Klein has coached and established countless start-offs, has successfully moved many businesses forward and is the author of several best-selling books on business and marketing. With more than fifteen years of experience as a business coach and marketing pioneer, Joel Klein CPBC offers principles to help people rise above the many challenges presented in business. Joel is the founder of Biztank, a platform that empowers Jewish start-ups and entrepreneurs with access to capital and business coaching, resulting in a vetted deal flow to seasoned investors. Biztank has invested in many successful businesses across many industries, and is always actively engaging with new ideas and avenues.

    The mantra of Joel Klein is "everyone deserves success" and this is proven by Joel's diligence and attention to every potential entrepreneur who comes to the Biztank office. Joel's client base includes, but is not limited to: businesses across the USA, Canada, London, Antwerp and Israel

    This is the 4rd of a 5 part series on financial literacy

    Episode Title: The success mindset.


    In this interview:

    Follow your natural talents Be open to following the opportunities Business effectiveness vs Personal effectiveness Be determined Showcase your abilities Focus on growth in your job Know your value Don’t allow others peoples opinion become your reality Hashem has given you gifts you must bring them to the world!
  • This is the 3rd of a 5 part series on financial literacy

    Episode Title: Buy a home .

    BIO: Chaim Druin President and CEO Claria Life and Health Insurance Company shares his journey and his passion to see as many people as possible purchase a new home to live in.

    In this interview:

    Put your family first Why buy a home 1st time home purchase incentives Understanding PMI Call on the favor The power of low interest rates Work on your Credit Score Find a creative way to make it work

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  • Yehuda Berg has been working as a Business and Credit Consultant for a number of organizations since 1999. Starting in 2015 he joined the CHYE team as the inhouse business councilor.He has consulted with thousands of fledgling entrepreneurs and has been instrumental in helping hundreds realize their dream of owning their own business. He is available to help new and early stage entrepreneurs at yberg@chye.info

    In this interview:

    Monitoring debt, what’s the difference between good and bad debt? Why is it important to have a good credit score? What exactly is a credit score/report ? The breakdown of the score, how the credit bureaus come up with the number. (5 components) How to monitor/ fix score? Tips and other innovative ways to get your score up Resources to help improve score

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  • This is the 1st of a 5 part series on financial literacy

    Episode Title: Uncover your untapped resources to grow your finances.

    BIO: Moshe Kohn Director of International Branch Development at Mesila guides, lectures, and trains coaches for Mesila, an international organization that educates people about maintaining financial stability and self-sufficiency Early in his career Moshe discovered the power of taking charge of your finances and the power of discovering individuals untapped potential to climb the financial ladder.

    In this interview:

    Is the Yiddishe lifestyle financially realistic? Budgeting and building a financial plan The Commitment issue To grow your income get out of your comfort zone Grow Your Value Overcoming pitfalls
  • Mordy Babayev The Suit Depot

    Babayov’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged long before opening The Suit Depot. While still in high school, the New York-native obtained designer clothing from relatives, bought off the clearance rack of local discount stores and listed the apparel on eBay. He soon invested the small profit he made into his first wholesale merchandise purchase, which he sold within a month. Because of the demands of a quickly growing business, Babayov moved the company out of his bedroom and into his parent’s basement and then, eventually, to his first warehouse.

    At a time when retailers are closing their brick-and-mortar storefronts and moving their businesses online, Marty Babayov is bucking the trend. The 24-year-old entrepreneur is taking his successful online business, The Suit Depot, to a storefront.The Suit Depot has since become a $2-million-a-year enterprise with a strong e-commerce presence that offers designer name fashions by top designers including Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Alfani RED, Giorgio Armani, Elie Tahari and Ralph Lauren.

    To start a business look to fill a need Look to improve over the competition Transitioning from overstock to first quality merchandise From online to retail Selling on eBay vs Amazon vs Website Starting to manufacture your own product Designing Menswear The survival of retail is being a specialty Take risks when you can
  • The story of Fello begins with one guy that had an idea and a computer, and another with the tenacity to go all-in; together they pooled their skills and resources to create an online-based rental business, specializing in tech rentals for tourists called “Flying Connected”.

    From the very beginning, it was a humble build, with the founders processing orders and then throwing on baseball caps to hand deliver iPad rentals door-to-door. But through Zalmy and Schneur's dedicated focus of providing exceptional service and products, they have passed the baton to Fello, morphing into an exclusive B2B rental service with over 25 amazing and talented Fellos. And now, in their partnerships with Square, Shopify and others, Fello has brought to the market, uniquely curated rental hardware solutions for many Fortune 500 companies, the event industry, and beyond.

    In this interview:

    The early days of online selling A social media sensation Creating a solid partnership Growth Calculations Rebranding strategies Breaking into corporate America A Covid 19 Miracle
  • Shneur Minsky Launched his business transforming the picture frame industry from retail to online. With creativity and tenacity, he created the country’s largest online custom frame shop. His passion as a community member and his dedication to his values have helped him make an impact in the business world and on his beloved community.

    In this interview:

    The world of online selling

    Getting real world experience working for others

    A Hashgacha Protis that changed everything

    Advice for today’s business people

  • BIO: The Grub Company Co-Founder and CEO Motty Hershkowitz started a career in Technology working at a fortune 50 company. After spending time in South Africa and falling hard for biltong, he found there to be a lack of good quality biltong on this side of the Atlantic. Through his love of food, he was able to recreate authentic biltong, which ultimately led him to co-found The Grub Company - where his biltong was the hottest product at KosherFest this year.

    In this interview:

    Getting into the world of IT Project management as a career path Working in Corporate America Falling in love with Biltong Launching a new food company Marketing strategies The Kosherfest experience The Power of Tzedaka
  • Yisroel Dolnikov, is an Interior Architect (UNSW) and the founder and CEO of Binyan Studios 3D Visualization, a leading Architectural 3D Rendering and Animation Studio with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and New York.

    In this interview:

    Navigating into the world of architecture Turning your skill into a business Who should you hire as your first employee? How to manage your employees Creating a company culture Team building On Work/ Life balance Maintaining your values in the workplace

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  • Brian K Marks never liked the term “industry standard.” Instead, he took a different path leading to a life-long entrepreneurial record of achievement – innovating products and brand experiences that resonated with consumers. At 25, Brian started African Pride – a maker of ethnic hair and skin products. He tapped into the Afrocentric movement at the time, creating innovative “street level” merchandising and advertising sampling programs that grew the business from zero to over $35MM in annual sales. He later sold the company to Revlon for over $40MM, staying on as President of Revlon ethnic products worldwide – overseeing the A.P. Product brands and Revlon’s ethnic product portfolio. In this interview: * How to go into a partnership * Why borrow from a bank * The power of the trademark * How to sell your company * Corporate America vs Entrepreneurship * How to survive success * Starting over again in the Amazon Age * My Israel’s Miracle the first company ever to use “Israel” in the prefix/suffix of a brand * Amazon vs Retail To recommend someone for an interview and to reach Rabbi Werde, email Rabbiw@chye.info

  • Berel Solomon: When Berel was 18 years old he started a company called More To Life Entertainment. He would bring celebrities to nightclubs in Montreal. When he was 21 years old he became more observant in his Jewish roots and decided the night club business was not the right place. Working for his Father in the family business of Metal Recycling. Berel helped grow the business using powerful online marketing tools from $7 Million in sales to $40 Million in 7 years. What a rush!
    When Berel was 28 he decided to use all the knowledge he gained from his business experiences to open his own company. At Wealthy Commercials they use cutting edge online video marketing to fill multi locational-based companies. Working with Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities, Rehabilitation Centers, Daycares and more. It has been a wild ride, with tons of ups and downs, but through it all he has managed to grow the company from 1 to 20 people and $0 revenue to $2M in just 25 months.

    In this interview:
    * Putting values before work
    * Working with family

    * The right way to gain work experience
    * Choosing the right business

    * The importance of having big goals
    * The right way to use LinkedIN
    * Running a Business is not always as it seems

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  • The K-Factor podcast:

    The K-Factor podcast is produced by CHYE - Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs in partnership with community news website COLlive.com.

    The K-Factor offers business wisdom that can help future business leaders to make the "Keli" (the Hebrew word for vessel) so they can grow their business aspirations.

    Episode #52 Shlomie Klein “Kiddush Hashem in Corporate Europe”

    Shlomo Klein has been publishing kosher food magazines since 2011 and has revolutionized the industry standard for food publication and quality within the kosher market. Shlomo is passionate about all things food, but is obsessed with cheesecake and yapchik. He resides in the Five Towns (NY) with his wife and three kids.

    A void in the kosher market An idea executed at the right time Behind the scenes of a magazine business Being in tune with your customer How to make it in sales Innovating in the kosher magazine segment Hot topics of discussion in the kosher market Print is not dead! The role of Kosherfest

    To recommend someone for an interview and to reach Rabbi Werde, email Rabbiw@chye.info