• The Verge's Nilay Patel, Alex Cranz, and Russell Brandom discuss the FTC proceeding with an antitrust lawsuit against Meta, the success of Wordle and its app clones, and more RCS drama.
    Verge deputy editor Dan Seifert stops by to chat about this week's gadget news and the state of the PC market.
    Stories discussed:

    White House to launch COVID test-ordering site ‘by this weekend,’ reports say

    White House hosts tech summit to discuss open-source security after Log4j

    Google calls for new government action to protect open-source software projects

    Judge says the FTC’s Meta monopoly lawsuit can go forward

    Meta’s real antitrust problems are only beginning

    Want the ‘TLDR’ on a site’s terms of service? There’s a bill for that

    Apple says App Store developers have earned more than $260 billion

    The App Store clones are here to profit off Wordle’s success

    The Wordle clones have disappeared from the App Store

    Wordle copycat creator apologizes for ripping off the popular free word game

    The real beauty of Wordle is how its emoji results tell a story

    Alleged Apple App Store scammer AmpMe lowers prices and says it’ll investigate its ‘consultants’

    Google exec says Apple is ‘holding back’ customers who text

    Google says Apple ‘should not benefit from bullying’ created by iMessage lock-in

    It fills me with glee that Canon printers now think Canon’s own toner is fake

    Apple’s $19 polishing cloth is back in stock online

    Ford doesn’t want the F-150 Lightning’s launch to be plagued by scalpers

    Tesla removes 2022 production date from Cybertruck website

    The PC market just had another big year thanks to pandemic demand

    TSMC earmarks record $44 billion for chip manufacturing expansion in 2022 

    The pandemic has blurred the lines between laptop categories

    Sony Xperia 5 III now shipping in the US, almost nine months after initial announcement

    The Nvidia Shield is getting Android 11 and other upgrades

    Sony says it’s still making new PS4s, but most stores aren’t selling them

    Google’s Android 12 update has been the rockiest one in years

    Ford doesn’t want the F-150 Lightning’s launch to be plagued by scalpers

    Wear OS will work better for lefties... eventually

    Tesla removes 2022 production date from Cybertruck website

    GM is creating an online used car marketplace

    Buy Nothing exploded on Facebook — now it wants a platform on its own

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  • The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Alex Cranz run through the huge amount of products announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 this week — from QD-OLED TVs, to EVs, to a hair-coloring gadget.
    All the stories discussed:

    CES 2022 will close a day early because of COVID concerns

    CES 2022 will introduce HDMI 2.1a, another confusing new spec

    Sony announces the world’s first QD-OLED 4K TV, coming later this year

    Sony is joining the Mini LED TV bandwagon in 2022

    Samsung promises ‘groundbreaking’ new TV feature: NFT support

    Samsung’s latest Frame TVs have a matte screen that looks and feels more like real art

    Samsung’s new 2022 TVs bring Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia gaming

    Samsung’s new TV remote uses radio waves from your router to stay charged

    LG announces its largest and smallest OLED TVs ever as part of 2022 lineup

    LG TVs now have a built-in health platform

    The Samsung Odyssey Ark is its largest curved monitor yet

    Chevy Silverado EV revealed: GM’s best-selling truck goes electric

    General Motors announces electric versions of the Chevy Equinox and Blazer SUVs

    BMW’s IX M60 is a dual-motor performance EV with 280 miles of range 

    BMW debuts its new color-changing paint technology at CES: E Ink

    Sony pivots into cars with Sony Mobility and a Vision-S SUV prototype at CES 2022

    Dell XPS 13 Plus hands-on: is that... a touch bar?

    Asus will release a 17-inch foldable OLED laptop this year

    Lenovo’s new ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 has an eight-inch secondary screen

    Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake chips arrive at CES 2022 for its most powerful laptops ever

    Intel’s upcoming Arc GPUs inch closer to their debut with latest OEM update

    Intel announces 5.5GHz capable 12th Gen CPU

    Nvidia still has no idea how to pronounce the name of its best gaming GPU

    Google will spend 2022 trying to match Apple’s ecosystem integrations

    The OnePlus 10 Pro’s official specs are not the least bit surprising

    The Galaxy S21 FE officially joins Samsung's crowded mirage lineup

    Why AT&T and Verizon are feuding with the US Government over a last-minute delay to 5G

    L’Oreal’s newest gadget takes the mess out of coloring your hair

    Sony confirms PlayStation VR2 name and Horizon game

    Samsung’s tiny Freestyle projector is fun so get over it

    Anker’s new Nano II 100W USB-C charger is the smallest 100W GaN charger yet

    The Motorola MA1 is a dongle for wireless Android Auto

    Razer’s new Zephyr Pro mask has the voice amp feature we wanted all along

    Black + Decker’s $300 Bev vacuums up a Keurig-shaped hole in the robot bartender space

    Are we ready for the smart front door? Masonite thinks so

    This breathing PC case looks like it’s alive

    Podcasters are letting software pick their ads — it’s already going awry

    Pete Buttigieg is racing to keep up with self-driving cars

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  • Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Alex Cranz, and Loren Grush discuss NASA's plan for launching the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to NASA’s Hubble telescope.
    Second half of the show, the crew go through all the gadgets and software updates announced this past week.
    Stories discussed this week:

    NASA’s massive next-generation space telescope arrives in South America ahead of launch

    NASA sets new date for James Webb Space Telescope launch

    Five former SpaceX employees speak out about harassment at the company

    Sony Glass Sound Speaker review: it’s not what it looks like

    Analogue Pocket review: Game Boy games have never looked so good

    Opal’s C1 offers DSLR-rivaling video quality in a small form factor 

    Dell’s Concept Stanza converts your chicken scratch to digital text

    Amazon Echo Show 15 review: Alexa’s on your wall

    Oppo’s Find N is an impressive first folding phone

    Huawei’s P50 Pocket is a stylish clamshell foldable launching this month

    Samsung’s working on a rollable smartwatch with a camera

    Apple releases iOS 15.2 with App Privacy Report, Digital Legacy, and more

    Apple scrubs controversial CSAM detection feature from webpage but says plans haven’t changed

    Universal Control won’t be coming to macOS Monterey until sometime this spring

    Adobe launches Creative Cloud Express, a new app that simplifies its powerful editing tools 

    Snap launches Story Studio, a standalone video editing app for mobile

    Log4j is patched, but the exploits are just getting started

    ‘No easy solution’ for Tesla Cybertruck’s comically large windshield wiper, Elon Musk says

    Chrome OS tablets are getting fancier but not better

    Former FCC officials are worried about air safety fears delaying 5G rollout

    Toyota is going to make you pay to start your car with your key fob

    Delivery failed

    How to sneak into a Bored Ape Yacht Club party

    Matter’s plan to save the smart home

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  • In our final Vergecast Spec-tacular of the year, Dieter Bohn dives into Matter, the new tech standard that smart home gadgets will use to communicate with each other, making compatibility between gadgets significantly easier.
    Guests include:

    Verge smart home reviewer Jennifer Pattison Tuohy

    Michelle Mindala-Freeman, Head of Marketing for the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

    Tim Both, brand manager and product manager for Eve

    Samantha Fein, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Samsung SmartThings

    Further reading:

    Matter's plan to save the smart home

    What matters about Matter, the new smart home standard

    Matter could bring universal casting that actual works

    Smart home company Eve plans to use Matter to move beyond Apple’s HomeKit

    Amazon confirms its support for Matter

    Google shares its commitment to Matter, promises future interoperability between smart home platforms 

    Samsung promises Matter support for SmartThings hubs, Galaxy devices, TVs, and fridges

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  • Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Alex Heath discuss Epic Games' Matrix experience in Unreal Engine 5, Snap’s first AR Spectacles, streaming news, and more.
    Stories discussed:

    Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss on making The Matrix Awakens with Epic Games

    Snap’s first AR Spectacles are an ambitious, impractical start

    How Snap is sidestepping the metaverse

    The Matrix Awakens is an interactive tech demo for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

    Google is bringing Android games to Windows in 2022

    Meta opens up access to its VR social platform Horizon Worlds

    Apple’s AR headset reportedly uses 3D sensors for hand tracking

    Your LG TV can now play Google Stadia if it’s running webOS 5.0 or later

    Matter could bring universal casting that actually works

    Roku settles YouTube dispute and locks down apps in ‘multi-year’ deal

    Spotify removes popular comedians’ content over royalties dispute

    Apple Music’s voice plan likely to launch with iOS 15.2

    Sonos now supports Amazon Music’s Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos tracks

    Google Pixel’s lock screen Snapchat shortcut is here

    Google releases first Android 12L beta for large-screen devices

    Google Pixel mail-in repairs have allegedly twice resulted in leaked pics and a privacy nightmare

    5G now means some flights won’t be able to land when pilots can’t see the runway

    Jessica Rosenworcel confirmed by Senate to lead the FCC

    Verizon might be collecting your browsing history and here’s how to stop it

    Sonos announces plans to make its products more efficient and repairable

    Instagram head says it’s bringing back the chronological feed

    The vice president should not be using Bluetooth headphones

    Kickstarter says it’s switching to crowdfunding via the blockchain

    Epic v. Apple ruling put on hold after appeals court grants a stay

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  • Live at On The Verge in New York City, Nilay and Dieter discuss The Verge's documentary Springboard: the secret history of the first real smartphone and conduct at Q&A with the audience.
    Springboard is now streaming worldwide. You can watch it on The Verge’s new app on Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Apple TV. It is now also available to watch on our YouTube channel.
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  • Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn chat with Alex Heath and Casey Newton about Jack Dorsey stepping down as CEO of Twitter and what's going in the world of crypto.
    Managing editor Alex Cranz stops by to share news that the FTC is suing to block Nvidia's $40 billion purchase of Arm.

    Stories referenced:

    Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO

    Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal replaces Jack Dorsey as CEO

    Jack steps back 

    An introduction to Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s new CEO

    Big tech’s first generation of founders starts to step aside

    As tech founders resign, Congress loses its favorite targets

    Jack Dorsey’s Square is changing its name to Block

    The leader of Facebook’s stalled cryptocurrency project is leaving the company

    Macy’s is auctioning off Thanksgiving Day Parade NFTs, including this creepy elf

    Almost buying a copy of the Constitution is easy, but giving the money back is hard

    ConstitutionDAO will shut down after losing bid for Constitution

    Is the music industry’s future on the blockchain?

    US banking regulators are looking to clarify crypto rules in 2022 

    The FTC is suing to block Nvidia’s $40 billion purchase of Arm

    Qualcomm is updating its Snapdragon branding to try and simplify its chip names

    Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip is here to power the Android flagships of 2022

    Qualcomm’s new always-on smartphone camera is a privacy nightmare

    Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 is its latest attempt to hit a Windows on Arm home run

    Microsoft’s Qualcomm exclusivity deal for Windows on Arm reportedly ending soon

    Qualcomm’s new G3x platform could usher in a new wave of Nintendo Switch-alikes

    Razer’s Qualcomm-powered handheld console leaks

    Meta ordered to sell Giphy by UK regulator

    Barnes & Noble announces new Nook GlowLight 4, says it cares for real this time

    Alex's tablet

    Tile is selling its Bluetooth tracking business to Life360 for $205 million

    Elizabeth Holmes admits that she was CEO of Theranos, the company she founded

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  • Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn interview CEO of Eero Nick Weaver live at On The Verge in New York City.
    The discussion includes how the Ring Alarm Pro came together, Eero supporting Thread and Matter, integration of 5G, and what's next for the smart home.
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  • Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn chat with policy reporter Makena Kelly about Pres. Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure package and what it will do to improve broadband access in the US.
    Senior science reporter Loren Grush joins the show to talk about Russia destroying one of its own satellites with a ground-based missile.
    Managing editor Alex Cranz stops by to chat about Apple opening up iPhones and Macs to DIY repairs.
    Stories referenced:

    Biden signs $1 trillion infrastructure package into law

    Biden’s FCC is still deadlocked, and net neutrality hangs in the balance

    Biden’s pick for FDA chief works at Google

    Russia blows up a satellite, creating a dangerous debris cloud in space

    NASA delays ambitious human lunar landing to 2025

    NASA’s Moon landing will likely be delayed ‘several years’ beyond 2024, auditors say

    Blue Origin loses lawsuit against federal government over NASA’s human lunar lander contracts

    SpaceX’s Starlink reveals new smaller, rectangular user dish to connect to satellites

    Apple will sell you iPhone parts to fix your own phone at home

    The shareholder fight that forced Apple’s hand on repair rights

    Apple reportedly wants to launch a self-driving EV in 2025 with a custom chip

    The Balmuda Phone is a compact Android phone from a high-end toaster company

    Meta’s sci-fi haptic glove prototype lets you feel VR objects using air pockets

    Sonos finally adds DTS audio support to its home theater lineup

    Hyundai’s restomod Grandeur is the perfect EV for a supervillain

    Google explains the tradeoffs that led to Pixel 6’s slow charging complaints

    A look under the hood of the most successful streaming service on the planet

    Meta goes into lockdown

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  • The Verge's Dieter Bohn dives into the messy past and uncertain future of Rich Communication Services, or RCS, a new texting standard that Google had been pushing for Android users.
    Guests include:

    Sanaz Ahari, Senior Director of Communications Products at Google

    Ron Amadeo, reviews editor at Ars Technica

    Relevant links:

    RCS: What it is and why you might want it

    AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile have finally agreed to replace SMS with a new RCS standard

    A decade and a half of instability: The history of Google messaging apps

    Google is rolling out end-to-end encryption for RCS in Android Messages beta

    SVP of Android offers open invitation to help Apple put RCS texting on the iPhone

    Produced by Andru Marino, Liam James, and Dieter Bohn
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  • The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Alex Cranz, and Sean O'Kane discuss electric vehicle startup Rivian becoming a publicly traded company after executing one of the biggest initial public offerings in history.
    The crew also cover multiple stories about Apple from this week, Microsoft's Windows 11 SE release, and a new Surface Laptop for schools.
    Further reading:

    Rivian goes public in one of the biggest IPOs ever

    Rivian’s mega IPO is a good test of the meme stock craze

    Judge orders Apple to allow external payment options for App Store by December 9th, denying stay

    Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchase, rules judge in Epic v. Apple

    Apple backs off of breaking Face ID after DIY iPhone 13 screen replacements

    Tim Cook says he owns cryptocurrency

    Apple hires Tesla’s former Autopilot software director

    Johnson & Johnson’s CEO joins Apple’s board

    iPhone 13 Pro vs. Pixel 6 Pro: what 2,000 photos tell us

    Microsoft announces Windows 11 SE, a new Chrome OS competitor

    Microsoft’s new $249 Surface Laptop SE is its first true Chromebook competitor

    Microsoft partners with Meta to integrate Teams into its Facebook-like Workplace

    Microsoft fixes Windows 11 features failing due to an expired certificate 

    Updating The Verge’s background policy

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  • The Verge's Dieter Bohn dedicates this week's Tuesday episode to the fractious history and fraught future of USB-C.
    Guests include:

    CTO of ASTC Rod Whitby, who has worked with USB-C standards since its infancy

    Verge senior reporter Chaim Gartenberg, who explains the many variations of USB-C cables

    Ken Pillonel, a hacker in Switzerland who figured out how to replace his iPhone's lightning port with USB-C

    Relevant links:

    USB-C cables are getting new, confusing logos for faster 240W charging standard

    You can now, technically, build your own USB-C iPhone

    EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones

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  • The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Alex Cranz, and Tom Warren discuss Microsoft's take on the metaverse at their Ignite event this past week.
    Verge editor Chris Welch joins to chat about his review of the Beats Fit Pro and Apple's third-gen AirPods.
    Stories from this week:

    Microsoft Teams enters the metaverse race with 3D avatars and immersive meetings

    Microsoft is planning 3D metaverse apps for Xbox and gaming

    Microsoft Loop is a new Office app for the hybrid work era

    Microsoft’s GitHub CEO steps down

    Beats Fit Pro review: sporty AirPod Pros with better sound

    Beats announces Fit Pro earbuds with wing tip design and $200 price

    Apple AirPods (third-gen) review: new design, same appeal

    The best wireless earbuds to buy right now

    ‘Sideloading is a cyber criminal’s best friend,’ according to Apple’s software chief

    Verizon and AT&T delay crucial 5G expansion over aircraft interference concerns

    Facebook is shutting down its Face Recognition tagging program

    Instagram and Twitter finally make link previews work again

    Zillow reportedly needs to sell 7,000 houses after it bought too many

    Ford’s selling electric crate motors based on the one in the Mach-E

    The 2022 Volkswagen ID 5 is a sporty electric SUV with over 300 miles of range

    Gobble, gobble: GE Appliances wants you to trust its smart oven to cook the perfect turkey 

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  • Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn are joined by Verge alums Joanna Stern and David Pierce live on stage at The Verge's 10th anniversary party.
    Stories discussed from "Episode 69"

    Tim Cook must testify in ebook price fixing case

    FCC approves T-Mo/MetroPCS merger

    Google Reader shuts down

    Intel in discussions to make Apple chips

    Wii U sales slump

    Release date announced for first BB10 phones

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  • The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Alex Cranz, and Alex Heath discuss Facebook's new name. Dan Seifert joins to discuss the reviews for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro as well as MacBook Pro.

    Mark Zuckerberg on why Facebook is rebranding to Meta

    Facebook’s new name is Meta

    What is the metaverse, and do I have to care?

    Facebook’s Oculus Quest will soon be called the Meta Quest

    Oculus users are getting a new metaverse home

    Facebook is adding a mixed reality platform to Oculus Quest

    Facebook teases ‘Project Cambria’ high-end VR / AR headset

    Amid the fluff, Meta showed an impressive demo of its Codec Avatars

    Eight things we learned from the Facebook Papers 

    Facebook’s lost generation

    Facebook says it’s refocusing company on ‘serving young adults’

    Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro review: finally, more than just good cameras

    The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will arrive with a day-one update

    Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake chips usher in a new generation of …

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021) review: a bigger and better ...

    Apple AirPods (third-gen) review: new design, same appeal 

    Adobe brings a simplified Photoshop to the web

    Sony Xperia Pro-I: A camera first, phone second 

    Samsung announces cloud gaming for Tizen TVs, offers no further details

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  • Dieter Bohn hosts a discussion with Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and Verge reviewer Monica Chin about The Verge's approach to reviewing gadgets, focusing specifically on Apple's 2021 MacBook Pro.
    The crew are still in the process of reviewing the laptop, so the conversation also leads to topics like how battery testing has evolved the past decade, how The Verge scores reviews, and how to find the right angle for writing a review.
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  • The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Alex Cranz, and Alex Heath discuss Facebook's plan to rebrand the company with a new name, the products announced at Apple's Unleashed event, and what happened at Google's Pixel 6 event.

    On The Verge is happening October 22nd and 23rd, and you’re invited 

    Facebook is planning to rebrand the company with a new name

    The 8 biggest announcements from Apple’s Unleashed event

    Apple announces 16-inch MacBook Pro with new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors

    Apple announces new 14-inch MacBook Pro with a notch

    Apple’s new MacBook Pro has a notch

    Apple is ready to admit it was wrong about the future of laptops

    Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors take its in-house Arm-based chips to new heights

    The new MacBook Pros have one big question mark: battery life

    PSA: the MacBook Pro 14-inch’s $20 power brick upsell is probably worth it

    Apple brings MagSafe 3 to the new MacBook Pro

    Apple’s new 140W charger can fast charge a lot more than just your MacBook Pro

    macOS Monterey is officially launching on October 25th

    Apple’s HomePod Mini gets three new color options

    Apple announces third-generation AirPods for $179

    Apple quietly added a MagSafe charging case to its AirPods Pro, too

    A piece of cloth to clean your Apple devices will cost you $19

    Apple Music’s new voice-only plan costs $4.99 per month

    The biggest announcements from Google’s Pixel 6 event

    Sundar Pichai and Rick Osterloh think the Pixel 6 is Google’s breakout phone

    Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have big screens, big ambitions, and small prices

    Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro finally bring new camera hardware in addition to software

    The Pixel 6’s Tensor processor promises to put Google’s machine learning smarts in your pocket

    Snapchat says the Pixel 6 is ‘the fastest phone to make a Snap’

    The Google Store is open again, and Pixel 6 delivery dates are all over the place

    Samsung is adding new watchfaces to the Galaxy Watch 4

    Samsung will now let you design your own Galaxy Z Flip 3

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  • Dieter Bohn sits down with Google CEO Sundar Pichai and SVP of Devices and Services at Google Rick Osterloh to discuss the launch of the Pixel 6 — including its tensor processing chip, the Android ecosystem, and what makes this Pixel launch different from the rest.
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  • The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Alex Cranz, and Adi Robertson discuss HTC's new VR headset the Vive Flow.
    Also: Apple, Google, and Samsung all have events next week. The crew discuss what to expect.
    Further reading:

    The $499 HTC Vive Flow is VR for people who don’t like VR

    I have a hard time believing your wearable is good if you had to Photoshop it onto a model

    Magic Leap somehow raised $500 million to make another AR headset

    Facebook execs tease VR prototype hardware with new photos

    Apple Watch Series 7 review: time and time again 

    Apple announces October 18th event after months of Mac rumors

    Apple exploring AirPods that take your temperature and monitor posture: report

    Google announced its Pixel 6 event on October 19th

    Watch the Pixel 6 Pro get put together and taken apart in leaked videos

    Google Pixel 6 leak teases Magic Eraser feature, plus five years of Android security updates

    Google says it’s dropping Material Design components on iOS in favor of Apple’s UIKit

    ‘Pixel Pass’ is Google’s rumored response to Apple One

    Samsung announces Unpacked 2 event for Wednesday Oct 20th, right after Apple and Google

    Samsung tries to prove its foldable phones are tough in a new test video

    VanMoof’s new V e-bike is its fastest ever 

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  • Dieter Bohn hosts a discussion on reviews for the newest Microsoft products launched this fall — Windows 11, Surface Pro 8, Surface Laptop Studio, and Surface Go 3 — with The Verge's Monica Chin, Dan Seifert, and Tom Warren.
    Further reading:

    Windows 11 review: a familiar home that’s still being renovated 

    Surface Pro 8 review: the best of both worlds

    Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio review: back to the drawing board

    Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: left behind

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